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How Does Skilled Nursing Care Help Manage Chronic Diseases at Home?

Skilled nursing care can help seniors aging in place safely manage chronic health problems.
Skilled nursing care can help seniors aging in place safely manage chronic health problems.

Chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and COPD are demanding, especially for seniors. These issues require consistent management to help seniors maintain a high quality of life, which can be even more challenging without the right help. Skilled nursing care offers the type of help that seniors often need to keep their health conditions under the best possible control.


Medication Management

The right medications, taken properly, can make a huge difference for aging adults with chronic health conditions. It’s also important to watch for side effects and other complications that indicate the medication isn’t working as well as it should. Skilled nursing care can help with medication management, keep patients on a routine with medications, and watch for signs of trouble.


Telehealth Monitoring

Telehealth is a tremendous help for patients with chronic health conditions, especially if it prevents them from going to multiple in-person doctors’ appointments in a week. It can be tiring to constantly head out for medical appointments to manage chronic health conditions and telehealth is a great alternative.

Unfortunately, managing technology isn’t always easy for aging adults to handle alone. Nurses can help with vital health metrics as well as ensuring that seniors are able to access telehealth appointments when necessary.


In-home Rehabilitation

Some conditions benefit from a variety of different types of therapy. COPD patients benefit from physical therapy, for instance, and stroke patients might need help from occupational or speech therapists. Luckily for seniors, many of these specialists and therapists can come to them in their homes. This helps them avoid having to leave their homes to go to these appointments. Skilled nursing care can help coordinate these appointments and help seniors have what they need before and after.


Collaborating on Care Plans

The right care plan is the key to helping seniors cope with their chronic health issues. Skilled nursing care is able to coordinate with existing healthcare providers to tailor care plans to individual needs and preferences. If care plans aren’t working well for seniors, nurses can help to communicate that information to healthcare providers.


Education and Empowerment

Family caregivers and aging adults often need much more information about the health issues seniors are battling. Skilled nurses have a lot of experience handling these types of health issues and can share a lot of that experience with the patients they’re helping. This helps empower families to make the best possible decisions about seniors and their care plans. The more that families understand about these chronic health conditions, the easier it is to take an active role in care plans going forward.


Skilled nursing care plays a vital role in keeping aging adults as healthy as possible while they face chronic health conditions. Living independently at home is possible with the right assistance, particularly in managing health issues. Keeping those health issues under better control improves overall quality of life and helps seniors experience better health outcomes as they continue to grow older.



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